eCommerce Solutions


eCommerce Solutions

This may sound very basic, but the results will astound you! You may have the best looking, most popular web site, but if ordering doesn't seem safe and convenient then you lose clientele. For much of online business this is the KEY to profit. Security and convenience is a core necessity of successful online business.

E-Commerce is no longer just about providing web-based services. It is about enabling retailers, brands and catalogers to be more consumer-centric across channels.

The ever-evolving, tech-savvy, cross channel consumer is exploring multiple channels to find and shop for products, at the best prices. Stigentech E-Commerce Platform will help you get agile, flexible and efficient to maintain digital systems in close alignment with your non-digital set up, thereby enabling a smooth transition to a consumer-centric model.

Client Challenges

Rapidly changing consumer behavior

Shifting consumer loyalties

Ineffective consumer engagement

Lack of a consumer-centric model

Rising costs

Inability to cope with the advancements in technology that empower consumers with access to multiple shopping channels

A Comprehensive Integrated Platform

Stigentech E-Commerce Platform is a comprehensive feature-rich, "boxed commerce" framework that not only fits your standard requirements but also accommodates your specific requirements. It incorporates best practices and global benchmarks to provide enriched features for the following:

Superior shopping experience

Merchandising and marketing capabilities

Order management and fulfillment

Customer service and analytics

Connexion: E-Commerce Partner Program

Stigentech E-Commerce Platform is a unique e-Commerce platform with a fully integrated ecosystem of e-Commerce partners, delivered through a single-managed relationship.

Connexion, our e-Commerce partner program, provides the following benefits:

Faster time-to-market at lower costs

Potential to leverage the advantages of a new partnership that might get added to your existing ecosystem at a later stage

Managed Commerce Infrastructure

The Managed Commerce Infrastructure is part of the end-to-end proposition for retailers, brands and catalogers to spend more time defining and executing business strategies and consumer engagements rather than focusing on the day-to-day infrastructure management.

This provides retailers, brands or catalogers with the following benefits:

Hosting e-Commerce site(s) on the 24x7-managed hosting options of public cloud, private cloud or traditional infrastructure model

Managing upgrades, new integrations or new releases with complete independence and control

Managed Commerce Business

Stigentech Managed Commerce Business services can assist retailers, brands and catalogers with the various business services and tasks needed for daily e-Commerce operations.

We help your business operations team to focus on new projects or other value-adding tasks while our experienced business services team manages the following business operations:

Merchandising and content management

Order lifecycle management

Campaign management

Site operations


Web operations

We will work with you to understand your requirements and create a business services package that is right just for you.

Get The Stigentech Advantage

Partner with Stigentech to leverage the following benefits:

Our e-Commerce platform supports a host of online business models that will help you execute your online business strategy successfully.

We maintain a high level of consumer centricity by implementing an industry best practices model.

We provide value addition to your e-Commerce strategy and generate continuous success with the following:

Technology refreshment

Collaborative research and advisory model

Continuous research for the best partner system

Commerce consultative program (CCP)

Continuous quest for innovation

Our flexible engagement model combines services and solutions to deliver e-Commerce and multi-channel programs at lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and faster time-to-market.

We offer a flexible and modular approach to enable the plug-n-play of solution components.

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